The guests of the restaurant, in addition to enjoying our dishes, after lunch can visit the enchanting places of Versilia which, with its various attractions, is destination for tourists from all over.
Sea and Mountain

The restaurant is located a few steps from the sea in Versilia, a famous locality tourist area from which you can easily reach and in a very short time, mountain places where you can organize splendid excursions, especially in the Apuan Alps or in Garfagnana.
Viareggio walk

A few minutes walk from the restaurant is It is possible to get to the seafront, classified as the most modern Art Nouveau promenade. longest in the world, truly fabulous and evocative with its landscapes that include a combination of sea and mountains.
Carnival Museum

From the restaurant it is The Carnival Museum is easily reachable, always open during the day. It is a museum that really deserves to be visited, where it is It is possible to discover all the magic of the papier-mâché with which the allegorical floats are made.
With the Carnival Museum in Viareggio it is carnival all year round!
Viareggio pine forest

The restaurant is located in front of the Ponente pine forest, planted in 1747 to protect the coast of Viareggio from the waves and winds from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The pine forest reaches the northern limits of Viareggio. The pine forest park offers the opportunity of various activities recreational, with various cycle and pedestrian routes. The Ponente Pine Forest is particularly popular for picnics on the banks of the Swan Lake.
Villa Puccini

Villa Puccini represents another place of great interest. It is located in Torre del Lago and is reachable from Viareggio by simply crossing a tree-lined avenue, Viale del Tigli, which can also be traveled by bicycle. The villa contains within itself; all the flavor of antiquity. Located on the lakeside of Massaciuccoli, it was once the home of the famous composer Giacomo Puccini, surrounded by a lovely Japanese-style garden.

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